Everyone is doin' it wrong.

Hashtags are a genius way of searching for "like" things. For example, if I instagram a picture of myself in which I look super hot and want others, preferably talent scouts, to see it, I'm going to hashtag things like #model #actress #gorgeous #sohot #sexy #instaself #vavavoom #boobs #hair #pretty #vain etc etc etc etc etc etc. (While we're on the subject, I hate vanity. I once had a roommate in college tell me I was vain - #bitch. Since then, I feel weird taking pictures with a normal face #sillyfaceineverypicture) Not, #talentscoutspleasefindme #I'mthehottestthingontheplanet #duckfaceisbackin #mycleavageisbetterthanhercleavage #thenewcindycrawford #betterthanmilakunis.

You know why? The simpler the hashtag, the more likely someone will find it. The more complicated it is, the less likely someone will find it. #theoddsofsomeonetypinginthesamewordyhashtagasyouareveryslim.

Did you catch that?

However, if you tend to use the same hashtag for the same things, it makes them easier for you to find. So you can make it as wordy as you want...if you intend to search for all of them later. If I always instagram pics of my son with the same hashtag, regardless of how wordy, I'll be able to search hashtags and find a plethora of pics of my son with that hashtag.

Make sense?

In other words, it makes no sense to post something like, "I just bought my dog, Lucy, a sweater. #she'sprobablyplottingmydeathrightnow." Because no one will ever, ever search for that. #iftheydoitwillbeamiracle #thispersonisclearlymysoulmate #sorryhussy



Megs said...

haha I did NOT get hashtags for the longest time! But I will admit that I totally do the long hashtag thing. The kind that, if you click on it, will show you solely my picture/tweet and nothing else. BUT I don't do hashtags so much for people to search and find, I usually do them as a...well, kind of a "muttered under my breath" thing. Or really even, just to be funny or witty sometimes! #iknowitsprobablyveryannoyingbutijustdoitanyway

really though. I just barely learned about the things, so I probably do EVERYTHING wrong.

ps i love that you're posting more often these days :)

Erin said...

Ha, I do the same thing. #iamsuchahypocrite :) Srsly.

Agi Tater said...

This is awesome but I'm a lost cause. If social networking was a course in school, I would fail. My report card would include teacher comments, like, "Has an attitude problem" or "Does not play well with stupid" or "Laughs at Twilight fans" or "Does not tolerate unsolicited expressions of religious belief and meaningless platitudes ..." And #Hashtag 101? My teacher would send me to the principal's office as punishment for some of my best creations: #shitforbrains #yourenotaprincessyourepathetic

Priscaknits said...