As promised, here it is.

I am now blogging over here.

Thanks for sticking around.

Good-bye for good, Foxy Pink Cheetah.

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Anonymous said...

Erin: You've got a ton of stuff to read. You can see my effort to blog in www.myalmanac.blog.ca for an example of how hard I find blogging so I sympathize with needing help. As you will see in this blog that I have leaning toward AMSOIL and that gives me a lot to write about. My Independent Dealer web site www.lubedealer.com/hiebert which I didn't create or don't update, except for a few specific products. I am biased towards my son Corwin & daughter-in-law who have a venture - http://www.taendem.com/corwin-hiebert/ who has flourished in the ebook and blogging sphere. BTW, your reply is welcome (rudyxhiebert@yahoo.com)